The heartbeat of Indian Bakeries all that is needed to make each dish distinctively tasteful and aromatic. Each spice by itself imparts a different flavour, and when combined with the others, creates magical, lip-smacking gourmet dishes. We’re here to recreate this very magic by the way of Sugar & Spice! 


Some Spice

There’s nothing that we love more than bringing your long-lost lover back to you — Sugar! Our sinful sweet indulgences are sure to set you guilt-free. 


All That's Nice

Bringing the best of both worlds to you — our gifting range is a blend of all the Sugar and the Spice needed for occasions that are special for you and your loved ones.


Sugar & Spice


Sugar & Spice was born from a quest of simplicity and familiarity. In this ever-changing and hectic world, we invite you to escape to a place where traditional simplicity is cherished. In a space where conversations and chatter meet freshly-baked aromas and stoke the imagination, we ensure that your unique celebration becomes an extraordinary memory.

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